Social Media Management Virtual Assistant

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Social Media Management

A little about me

My name is Zabrina Sabrine-Bentley, and I’m tech-savvy Virtual Assistant providing services to busy individuals. Decrease the time spent on social media, content creation, and website management. Creating content and designing simple yet beautiful pieces of communication is one of the things I’m good at. Canva is my bread and butter and so it is designing aesthetic, informative and beautiful Instagram/Facebook feeds.

Managing social platforms, updating content, using targeted keywords and hashtags, connecting with your target audience, and creating content that increases interaction.

A very strong work ethic, am highly detail oriented, and have never missed a deadline. I’m looking forward to working with you and helping to make your thoughts and ideas come to life through my creativity!

Social Media has changed the way we all communicate, we can help you stay on top of it! I also help supporting small business owners with flexible, affordable, quality support when they most need it. I can provide creative ideas to promote social media campaigns graphically.

Capability to deliver cover photos, videos, branded image posts, and images for web pages on timely basis — meeting all deadlines while keeping instructions of size and idea in perspective.


I can manage social media pages on the behalf of company/brands. I can work on all social media platforms.

– Social media ad set-up /management

– Social Media Graphic Design

I can offer you very affordable & customized package.

Interested can contact. 

Managing social media pages -FACEBOOK/ TWITTER/ INSTAGRAM or PINTEREST

6-posts a week – days and times vary to capture your audience

Regular page monitoring

Creating graphics for your social media to engage and inform your audience

The right mix of social media posts

Responding to your followers and organically growing your audience

Contacting you with urgent messages for your attention

Responding to followers and providing great customer service

Removing spam messages and blocking spam users

Touch Base emails for updates​

This comprehensive list details the media platforms and tools that I have experience using. However, applications do not take long to learn how to use so if you do not see any that you use in this list contact me!

Social Media:
Google+, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, Reddit,Pinterest

Social Media Management:
Hootsuite, Twuffer, Recurpost,Later. Friends+Me

Content Creation:
Windows Movie Maker, Canva, Befunky, Crello, Vlogit, Wonder Video

Schedule Maintenance:
Google Calender, Outlook Calendar

Facebook ad marketing, Instagram ad marketing, Pinterest ads, social media marketing plan creation, email marketing, keyword optimization, blog/website collaborations (contacts)

 Send me a message now! I am excited to meet you!