The Jomax Peak Experience – Negros Day Trip

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The Jomax Peak experience is one worth trying at least once. But be warned, you will want to return.

jomax peak

What and Where is Jomax Peak?

It’s a picnic resort set high, about 800 m high, in the mountains close to Don Salvador Benedicto, Negros Island.

Why Go There?

The views and the fresh mountain air are scintillating! Forget a day at an expensive spa hotel, this is inexpensive and way, way healthier!

The details and how to get there are to be found at the foot of this post. But please note this – they do not accept walk-ins. You must make an advance reservation.

Apart from unlimited coffee, there is no catering either. Bring your own food or starve πŸ™‚

Why I Loved It There?

First of all for the magnificent views and the wonderful clean mountain air. Secondly, for the peace and feeling of solitude. Thirdly, for the friendliness and helpfulness of all the staff.

Two examples of that were how they help you carry bags to and from your area to your car (parking is limited but quite safe to park on the grass verge outside the gate).

Then behind our Sun Shade, I saw what seemed to be a tiny putting green with a hole in the middle. I was playing with our youngest boy and mimicking a golf stroke.

One of the helpful staff, Gang-Gang, saw me and voila! She produced two putters and two golf balls. Both boys, Botsy and Macky (and me), loved playing putting!

I don’t walk too far these days owing to an arthritic hip, but the walk up and down the hill was easy for me so have no fear if you are similarly handicapped. I have to say it would be very difficult to push a disabled person in a wheelchair up and down those steps.

When you make your reservation, you have a choice of different areas. Each have a different price and capacity.

This is the current tariff:

jomax peak

Note this too, for this is the FAQs on their Facebook page:

1.Since January is already fully booked can we book for February instead?
– February as well as the succeeding months are not yet open for reservations.
2.How much is the entrance fee?
– 150 per head: inclusive of unli native coffee and use of the Veranda and the pool. Kindly check our rates for January.
3.Do we have to pay for the Pavilion, Veranda and Sun shade?
– Those are only your designated areas which will be exclusive for your group. Standard rate is still at 150 per head.
4.What if we cannot reach the minimum number of persons of the Pavilion but we want to reserve that area?
– You have to pay for the minimum number of persons in order for that area to be reserved for you.
5.Can we walk in and take pictures? It will only take us 10 minutes.
– Unfortunately, we cannot allow that because it will be unfair for the reserved guests. We do not accept walk in guests, you must secure a reservation first.
6.What is inclusive of the 150-peso fee?
– Entrance fee for the whole place, utilization of Veranda and Pool and unlimited native coffee
7.Can we stay overnight?
– You can only avail our overnight stay if your group is composed of 5 persons and above. Our overnight rate is 200 per night. You have to bring your own tent and cooked meals.
8.Do you have rooms?
– Our place is solely picnic and camping grounds, we don’t have rooms for rent.
9.Do you serve food?
– No we do not serve food. You are encouraged to bring or cook your own.
10.Do you charge corkage for food and drinks?
– You can bring your own food and we do not charge corkage. We have grills available upon request.
11.We are towns away from Salvador Benedicto, can you recommend places with rooms where we can stay overnight?
– Rapha Valley 0921 613 7928
– Balokon Spring Resort 0905 480 0401 / 0922 565 8598

12.Since you are not serving food, are there restaurants nearby?
– Mountain View Resort Bar and Restaurant 0906 453 7212
Operating Hours (Mon – Sun) 6:00AM – 10:00PM
13.What are other activities that we can do while we are at Salvador Benedicto?
– Everest Zipline 0915 475 6113

0917 628 9889 (Sofia β™‘)

That just about covers it all and we, Zabrina and I, thoroughly recommend Jomax Peak.

Nearly forgot, they grow their own flowers. They are beautiful and reasonably priced. We brought some home πŸ™‚ And don’t forget to say hello to the monkeys at the back of the store on the National Highway.

Getting there:

Located on the National Highway from either Bacolod or San Carlos cities. From Bacolod it is just beyond the municipality of DS Benedicto on the left and is signed. It’s about 1Β½-hours drive from Bacolod City.

Ceres Bus Liners run frequently on the route between Bacolod and San Carlos.

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    Hi! This one is a great guide! Do you have a picture of their Sun Shade? I would appreciate if you can share the photo. We plan on visiting there soon. Thank you!

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      Hi April πŸ™‚ Yes, we have a photo of the sunshade. Please check ZABRINA:the Wanderlust facebook page and we can send the photo. Thanks for dropping by.

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