Lakawon Island – A Laid Back Resort A Few Years Back

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Lakawon Island – a Laid Back Resort a Few Years Back

The island is small,  but it is surrounded by crystal clear water.  So quiet and peaceful.  The sand is white and made of  coarse corals.  It has a shallow waters where visitors can laze and  hang out in a nipa hut or swim into the seas.  Roughly 15 hectares in size and shaped like banana, you can walk around the entire island in few hours.

I don’t remember anymore when was the first time I step on the white sand of Lakawon Island.  It was a long time ago!!! Hahaha but the memories are still there!   It was the time when the island was not developed yet.  The beach was fair enough because it’s the closest white beach in Bacolod.  A one  hour and a half drive from Bacolod going North in the coast of Cadiz Viejo.  And a 20 minute bangka to reach the island.  The travel going there wasn’t much of a hassle especially if you have your own vehicle. You’ll find a typical beach community.

These are photos that I had on file is on 2011 onwards when the island of Lakawon was not developed yet.

Daytrip in 2011

Lakawon in 2011
Sunbathing (2011)
Enjoying the sun and the beach with Liezel(2011)
Cottages in 2011
with MM
sunburn 🙂 2011

During that time the rate 150 for the boat ride, 100 for the entrance, you brought food, that’s 50 corkage, you used the cottages ranging from 500 – 1000.  A generator provided the electricity on the resort and starts from 5pm to 9:30 pm.

Overnight trip in 2012

Chillin’ (2012)
Brought our food and enjoyed the island
SUNSET (December 2012)
Enjoying the sand 2012


Enjoying my beach time 2012

You might want to also interact with the local villagers in the island, you can do that! Lol

Little girl 2012
“The cook” 2012
Sister of the little girl who work in the island


These  sure bring back some wonderful memories of our escapade to this laid back resort few years back when it was not yet developed.

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