Jilla’s at the Peak Cafe and Grille: The beautiful scenic escape.

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A Happy Place away from the hustle and bustle of the City

Jilla’s at the Peak Cafe and Grille: The beautiful scenic escape. Feel the coolness of the air, the relaxing ambiance and learn to appreciate the beauty of nature. If you are a nature lover and don’t want to trek Mayana Peak, this is a perfect spot for you.  The cafe and grille serves delicious food and drinks at a very affordable rates. For 99 pesos you will be fully loaded with the different choices of meals, from seafood, chicken, pork and beef.

Calamares and Paela Negra, Native Chicken, Chicken Gabriela, Bicol Express, Sisig

HOW TO GET HERE: Let’s all head up north, to San Carlos City.

Jillas at the Peakh
Bacolod-San Carlos City Rd6127
San Carlos City, San Carlos, Philippines

From the South Ceres Terminal in Bacolod City you can ride on a bus trip via Don Salvador Benedicto  that will take 1-2 hours travel from the city proper. Onset inform the  conductor before the departure of bus to drop you at the Sitio Punod or Mayana Peak Terminal. Jilla’s at the Peak is located at the side of the road.

Top amenities are their clean restrooms and of course, the view

The cafe is open Monday-Sunday from 7am to 5pm. 


They do accept guest who plan to stay for overnight. They have two large rooms that can accommodate 4 person per room.

Rate: 200php /Head
(For Reservation, contact 09204434243)

The rooms are very clean and very comfortable to sleep. 

We are so grateful that day because we came early and we are the first visitor who came earlier. The staff and the chef very approachable, helpful and polite.

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