Fun in the Sun! Getting Tanned :) Sand Bar, Manjuyod, Negros Oriental

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Manjuyod White Sand is a place you won’t wait to see. It is a stretch of white sand about 7-kilometers long in North Bais Bay that appear during low tide and disappear during the high tide. That is exactly how interesting to discover and explore and take adventure to that wonderful and beautiful tourist spots of Bais City, Negros Oriental

There are many things to do when you get there. During the low tide, you will enjoy sunbathing, playing and walking along the long stretch of white sand. During the high tide, of course, if you love swimming, the place is very ideal and perfect because of the clear water that attracts you that you cannot resist. Also Scuba diving is perfect as well as fish catching by hook.

Manjuyod is accessible from Dumaguete City by cruise of about more than 1-hour cruise travel and that is 58.2 kilometers from Dumaguete City. After all enjoyable activities is over, you can relax to the available bamboo cottages for rent. Foods and beverages are not a problem. There are many Cebuano delicacies can be offered like fish and other sea foods as well as grilled pork. You can stay overnight lodging if wish too.

Click on the image below to see individual photos taken at Manjuyod.

Here are some of the things people had to say on Trip Advisor –

Been here 10 months ago (May 2015) along with my family, the place is definitely awesome, you have the white sand to walk around during the low tide and the clear crisp water to swim around when the tides starts to enter. There were couples of hanging Nipa Huts where you can stay for a day or for overnight. It has facility if you want to cook, but you have to bring utensils and fuel (charcoal/wood) for cooking; they also supplied fresh water but is only limited. You have to ride in a local pump boats where the certainty of its operation is a bit in doubt. There’s supposed to be a Government Operated boats allocated for the transportation, but during our trip it was under maintenance so we have no choice but to try our luck riding in one local motor boat which is has also another one boat being tugged on it. Reservation to the place is not easy, there was no proper contact numbers where you can just call them; in our case we personally went to their Municipal Office just for the booking. But you can also make it by contacting some Beach Resorts nearby that offers tour in the place where they will arrange the trip for you and where you can spend your night as well. Best to be there in the place is in the earliest hour of the morning wherein the tide is still low so that you can experience walking in the white sand and slowly seeing the water coming in when tides start to enter. In general, the place is one of a kind of experience but reaching it and going back is a bit of a risky thing especially if you have small kids along.

Visited May 2015

And here is one more –

One word — amazing! This was the farthest trip on our last months week long vacation but it was damn worth it. The view was breathtaking — sandbar or without the sandbar it was awe-some! GoPro isn’t even enough to capture the beauty of the place so you should just enjoy your time there. Rent the cottage for 15 people at 6,000PHP from the Manjuyod /man-hoo-yod/ Tourism Office for an overnight stay in the middle of the sea. I can’t even describe the awesomeness properly I hope you’d get to see our video.

How We Got There:
From Liloan Santander Port in South Cebu near Oslob, crossed to Sibulan Port in Dumaguete. Rode a Ceres Bus to Manjuyod for 3hrs. Hired a tricycle to the jump off point. Hopped on the tourism’s office arranged boat to the sandbar. I promise you it’s worth it 😉

Visited November 2015

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