Tangke – Salt Water Lagoon

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Many myths surround this interesting natural attraction. One such story says that during the feast of Saint John the Baptist (San Juan de Bautista) on June 24, the water level inside tangke would magically rise significantly. Locals also warn visitors not to make too much commotion and noise in tangke as this would disturb the enkantos, or enchanted beings, which could cast nasty curses to those who upset them.

The only saltwater lagoon in this group of islands, this is Isla de Gigantes’ star attraction. Here, you will find yourself in the middle of a saltwater lagoon that is surrounded by limestone rock formations. Its blue-green and shallow water (during low tide) are reasons enough for one to take a dip, sit down and look up to appreciate nature.

It is a place of ┬ábeauty and you can listen to the numerous bird calls. This breathtaking lagoon is supposedly where the old Filipino film “Pinakamagandang Hayop sa Lupa” was shot.

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