Balabac and ONUK ISLAND

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Forget El Nido, my new bucket list is in Balabac and ONUK ISLAND

Philippines has more than 7,107 beautiful islands that attracts visitors to discover and explore especially those undiscovered paradise in the country like of the Onuk Island of Balabac, in the province of Palawan, Philippines.12187764_945996455437656_1099752433732803850_n 12512373_917566155028810_1567295779157854701_n

ONUK ISLAND is located in the Southwestern part of Sulu Sea, in the Municipality of Balabac in Palawan

ONUK ISLAND is in the town of Balabac, in the southern part of Palawan. It is privately owned by Mayor Shuaib Astami, the town mayor.   You have to ask permission from the ASTAMI Family that you are interested to visit Onuk Island. You have to send a formal letter to the mayor’s office requesting entry to Onuk island. You can try to contact the following individuals: Ms Lorna at 0917-553-2845 or Ms Fatima at 0921-777-6645.

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Puerto Princesa City –RioTuba ( bus or shuttle van @ San Jose terminal)
* Bus travel time : 7-8 hours
*Shuttle Van: 6-7 hours
*You should be in Marabahay Pier, Riotuba at 9:00 AM because, the passenger boat have its first come-first serve policy- no reservation. The boat leaves at 11:30 am or 12 noon once the coastguard gives the clearance.
Riotuba-Balabac ( boat- 4-5 hours travel)
Balabac to Onuk (smaller boat – 1 hour travel)


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